Beach Horseback Tours

Ride and Swim With Horses in St. Petersburg and Bradenton, Fl.

Florida style trail ride but better!  Come ride  and even take an exhilarating swim on our rescued majestic Drum and Gypsy Vanner horses. You will start out on a ride out into the beautiful clear water of Tampa bay, with the Sunshine Skyway Bridge as your backdrop.  The tranquil, relaxing trip will put you at ease as you are amazed at the sea life that passes by unafraid of the horses as well as seeing dolphins, manatees, stingrays, native fish all from the back of your horse. Then on the way back to shore you will be thrilled when the horses take you for several swims.  This is the horses favorite part. Just grab hold of the mane while our horses take you for a swim. It feels like your flying through the water. No hard impact or jarring. It really is an incredible feeling.

It’s not just a ride, but an equestrian aquatic adventure that you will never forget!

The first thing you will see are our beautiful, well fed, loved, amazing horses. These are what fantasies are made of… but they didn’t look like this when we bought them.

We have purchased horses in horrible conditions, many coming from horrible breeding farms where the mares were neglected and over bred. Some so badly diseased we thought some might not make it. The ocean really helps heal the terrible conditions and sores in their feathers as well as healing their souls!

Carmen rehabs each horse personally, this is where she creates her bond. Once they are in perfect weight she introduces them to the ocean. When her rehab is completed we end up with these amazing, happy, loved horses that no one wanted. You will also see the bond between the guides and the horses. Our horses can’t wait to give you the best experience possible, in minutes you will be in love with these gentle horses. Don’t be afraid to ask your guide about the story on your horse.

We do not breed or sell these horses. This is Carmen’s life long commitment to them. Every ride just helps us save this rare breed, and for that she personally thanks each of you.

Our beach horse rides are currently serving the Tampa Bay area, including Anna Maria Island, Bradenton, and Sarasota, Florida. We have two beautiful locations for you to choose from for your ride in either Bradenton or St. Petersburg, just a short drive from surrounding vacation resorts.  Our amazing horseback riding adventure can be enjoyed by the entire family! No horseback riding experience is required but every rider must be able to follow simple instructions and ride their own horse. Sorry, no double riding permitted.

All riders are provided with a saddle not only for your comfort, but also for the comfort of our horses. We do allow children without riding experience to ride, but they must be 10 years old and up. We do also have a weight limit of 285 pounds. Enjoy this amazing experience all year long.

During cooler weather, we are able to provide you an amazing ride along the shore of the beach. Visit natural Florida as you ride along enjoying the view of sea and wildlife. All we ask you to do is bundle up and see Florida from a totally different view. We will not get wet if the weather is cold.

Simply use our online booking system or call to schedule your Tampa Bay area horseback riding tour today!

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We are a family owned and operated company offering our wonderful team of swim-capable Horses for horseback riding in the St. Petersburg, Tampa Bay, Anna Maria Island and Sarasota areas from Bradenton, Fl area on the beach as well as in the ocean.


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Serving the Tampa Bay Area, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Bradenton FL.

*The temperature must be at least 65° to be able to swim with the horses.